Awesome News!!!

I got an 82 in volleyball. I know that doesn’t like much or much of an acomplishment, but I assure if you knew me and had ever saying around a ball, or playing any type of sports for that matter, I would be getting standing ovations for this.

See from when I was little I would rather read a book, play dominoes, hide and seek, anything that did not require the type of competitive physical skills needed for most ball games. I really wish someone had push me to do it because now I keep wanting to do it and truth is I suck. But everybody was glad to let me be the smart bookworm guy.

Now I’m not saying that had the done that I would have been good, truth is I have terrible hand eye coordination. But I would not have been the shipwreck I am today when it comes to sports. I mean I’m not kidding my volleyball coach keep saying don’t hurt yourself kid, and after about three weeks I was sure I was gonna fail this class.
Anyway my mamma says its never too late to start learning. And yea I got an 82 percent in volleyball!!!! Thinking about going for basketball next semester. I’m 5 foot 9 and weigh 235 pounds, we’ll see how that goes.

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