It takes a village

One of my friends and ardent supporter, Tricia Rolston Power, recently was working to get me an Ipad that my school was asking me for. I did not have to ask her for this, I did express my disgust at my university for requiring this from me and she moved quickly to make sure this would not be a problem for me. One of her friends said “you will get that boy thru med school, good for you.” she wrote and I quote ” it takes a village or in this case and island and a very dedicated young man.”
Well I am a very dedicated young man and I am proud to say I have an amazing village at my back.

When I started med school back in 2011, I was facing eight years of study and had no clue really as to the amount of funds I would need or how to come up with it. But I knew it was the right thing to do with my life. I had to do it. As most of my friends know I grew up very poor, I am the eldest child of a single mother of four, so I am way out of my league here. This is defying gravity and beating the odds and yes my friends it takes a village.

Near the end of the last semester I started a fundraiser with a goal to raise 25% of the funds needed for the following year. With the help of friends such as Jessi Pfeltz, Karl Stanley, Toney Etches, Caroline Power, Tricia Rolston Power, Harold Green, Tecie Montgomery, Patty Grier, Lizz Riggs, Nicholas Bach, Karin Fehlauer, Kathy Shupe, Debbi Lybrand, Stu cook, and so many others, I was able to meet that goal in less than two weeks. It does take a village and I have an awesome one.

A big concern of mine has been will I be able to maintain this support, this is a very long career and I am just about half way thru it. If it was my parents, well what choice would they have? If it was loans well it would be much easier to repay those if I graduate. But it is people taking their hard earned money and sending it to me so I can become a big shot doctor. Recently while in prayer and expressing these concerns to the Lord, I got a message from my friend Jessi, she said “I will see you thru to the end.” This reminded me of that age old promise “I will be with you even unto the end.” It takes a village and I have an awesome one.

 I hope to someday become an awesome doctor, I hope to help many sick people, I hope to help many poor people get an education, I hope to become a member of our local Rotary Club, I hope to work with Sol, Clinica Esperanza and so many others who are doing so much good work in and outside of my community. I hope to take care of my mother and to help my sisters. I hope to change my world. I hope to one day become a part of this awesome village.

If I am successful I could never describe myself as the self-made man. Because I´ve had a village and each of you are doing so much for me, each of you are such an important part of my journey. If I am successful it will be because of each of you. I will never be able to repay all that you´ve given to me, but I will work hard every day to make sure I am honouring the investment you´ve made in my future, making sure you can look back and be proud to be a part of this awesome village.

I am starting the next semester on Monday and just wanted to take a little time to say thank you for having my back.

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