My Hero : Super Mom

ImageImageImageMy story is about a woman, my mother to be exact. My mother to me is the greatest person alive.

One of my very first memories in life is;  walking down a road ,there were a bunch of people walking pass me, and there was this lady holding my hand and pulling me along, this lady was the person that God had entrusted with my care, my mother. This lady was a single mother raising a son alone the best she could. She had to go through teaching me the rights and wrongs of being a man. She did everything she could to make sure I had everything I ever needed. I cannot count the times I saw my mother come home with a terrible headache from work, it would be so bad she would vomit and be up all night, then she would get ready and head right back to work the day after. Or the times she would cook a meal and not have any because there just wasn´t enought. My mother taught me the value of hard work. she taught how to fight every day and never give up. She taught me the joy of serving others. 

The amount of love she has shown me I cannot even begin to fathom. She is everything to me. . I love my mother with all my heart. No matter what, I can come to my mother with anything and I know that she will be there to help me. That is why to me, my mother beats everyone in the world as my hero. I am truly her greatest fan and she is mine. She thinks the world of her big son, and I think the world of her. People say I look alot like her, and am a lot her. I sure hope so, because there is no one I admire more in this world and no one I would rather be like.

My mom raised not only me but two girls who have also become awesome mother´s. Happy mother´s day ma, Rosie and Mimi, and a very happy mother’s day to all the wonderfull mother´s around the world.