Back at school!!!


This winter vacation was awesome!!! I back home to the Islands. Got to spend some time with my mama and siblings, got to go to the beach ( yes in December) ,got to see some old friends and got to go to my old church. My cousin Bryan and his family came to the island so I got to spend some time with them as well. He has two very beautiful children now (yep its been that long).

I also got to spend a couple days at clinica esperanza shadowing Dr. Raymond. He is an awesome doctor and I look forward to learning a lot from him going forward. 

I’m now back at school and very excited because this is my last full semester before stepping into step two of the medical program. I am taking physics (hate it) Bio-statistics (hate it) and organic chemistry (hate it). know what you’re thinking but yep I’m staying in the program. I love the program and love learning but  some of the classes are frustrating.

Two of my roommates moved out this semester so there’s just two of us, I’m loving the piece and quiet and all the extra space in the house, but do not like the increase rent bill. So I’m trying to find at least one new person.

My laptop also crashed last semester and now I don’t have a computer, which is very frustrating because I can’t afford another one, and it is a very important tool for me. Anyone out there want to help a brother out let me know. just kidding jajaja, no but seriously need a computer.

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