Coming up for breath


To everyone that takes a little time to read my blog I say thank you for your support. I know I was suppose to be writting a blog post once a week but that was before reality hit like a brick and I realized I’ll be lucky If I get to update this blog once a month. But I believe it is important to keep people who support me updated on what I am doing.Keep in mind that I have not sleep for more than 4 hours in the last couple months and have not slept for more than two hours in the last couple days. Not that I’m complaining I feel blessed and highly favored to be going thru this torture. Just saying that my writting on a good day is horrible. So today, well you get my point.

I must say I absolutely love and hate med school. Yea its a complicated feeling and you would kinda have to be in it to understand it.  It is tought my friend! We were told on the first day of this semester that now we are actually going to start studying, that this semester is called morfos because we are going to be learning how to learn and changing into actual medical students. We were told not to be alarmed if we have a hard time because that’s the way it is for everybody. Did I mention I am FREAKING OUT!

But anyway I have worked for two hard years to get to this point, we were told on the first day that we are a special class and for some reason which aparently no one has been able to pinpoint only half of the students that they were expecting made it over from the university this semester, So we would have much smaller class sizes than has been the case which would mean a better education. YEA ME! But I was also told that I would be punished for all the hard work that I have done getting to this point by wearing a  ochre uniform for the next two years. See the above picture for reference.
Now, Marlen who is also on Sol’s medical scholarship program and is over at the Microbiology Faculty gets to wear blue. Oh the inhumanity! So yep I get the wonderfull priviledge of looking like a fairy for the next two years.  So I am rebelling by wearing a chaine and growing a fro. I’m a rebel dude!

As for my classes, I must say they are all kicking my butt. I greatly underestimated the amount of money I would need to get started so I had a rought start. But Mark over at Sol has been really helping me deal with each issue as it comes up. I absolutely detest neuroanatomy and love embriology. Histology is kind of a wash and macroanatomy, well that’s my reason for waking up each morning. It gives meaning to my miserable existance.
One thing that has made it difficult for me is the race thing. I am at a faculty in a city where 99% of the student body is mestizo and 100% of the professors are mestizos so there are some racial issues to be dealt with. I talked to other black doctors who had gone thru the program before and they told me I should expect some problems because of my race but they are surviveable.  Some things have been awful and have made me question my resolve and other things not somuch, but the way I see it, it I’ll just make me a better doctor.
One I keep getting asked questions in every class my classmates say the professors love picking on me. But I attribute it to the law of gravity, I am very much different than everybody else here so if something is different than everything else in a room it draws your attention. Thus I keep getting asked questions in every class like I was the only person there sometimes, but I don’t mind it. It keeps me attentive and I am learning a lot. My neuroanatomy professor tho has asked me to leave his class on repeated ocassions and keeps making comments about my race that concern me. But the way I see it I just have to pass the class and I won’t have to deal with him ever again.

My classmates are awesome, alot of them I already knew from our days over at the university and some are new. I love meeting new people and learning new things, so I am having the time of my life and look forward to continue working hard for the next two years.After which, I can take off that awful ochre uniform and BURN IT, na I probably will sell it to some other unfortunate soul. And put on the glorious white robe that comes with my clinical years.  January 2016 Oh what a day.

Anyway I gotta go to lecture now. But thank you for your support. This is going to be a long and difficult ride and knowing that you have my back is invaluable. And the end result will be awesome. IT BETTER BE!!!!

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