Thank you!


Thanks to you, my future is now brighter, and my dreams are becoming realities

When I started my fundraising campaign I was not sure I would be able to raise the money to come back to medical school next year. My medical Program is 8 years long and having to keep coming back and ask friends and supporters for money every year is difficult. I thought this might be the year people might say no, but once again I have found that you are generous people and are willing to support good choices.

But thanks to your help I have now raised over 1800 dollars, which surpasses my goal for school year 2015.  I still have to wait on confirmation from Sol and rotary as to whether the will continue my scholarship next year, these are crucial parts of the 7000 dollars per year I must have to continue, without one of them I would be in trouble. But thanks to you I am now ending my online fundraising campaign.Which means I can now focus on finishing this school year strong, and stop cluttering your timeline with donation requests!

Your support will help to buy the books, pay the  tuition, transportation and lab fees for another year in the medical program here in Honduras. Knowing you have my back is a real blessing an encourages me to continue fighting to be successful in this incredible journey.

I will be posting grades for this year early in December.

I know post people are probably leaving the island for the Christmas holidays, but if you are on the island I would love to meet with you to say thank you in person and chat a bit.

Again thank you so much Mark, Tricia, Joel, Anna, Caroline, Karin, Janice, Tecie, Dave, Peggy, Ptolemy, Jennifer, Marlen, Debbie, and so many others who share, follow, and are a part of my experience. I still have a long way to go but having your support makes all the difference in the world. You believing in me , encourages me to believe in myself. I will continue to work hard every day to be the kind of doctor you can be proud of.

Again thank you all very much.

Look forward to seeing grades ,for this year, in the next month.

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