The medical program

I’ve already told you probably more about myself than you care to know. Therefore, I’ve decided to tell ya a little bit about the medical program I’m in.

As I’ve said before I attend the National Autonomous Universiy in Tegucigalpa (UNAH). The medical program at the university is the only public program in the country, it is also the oldest and most prestigious and listed in IMED. There are two private medical programs in the country one at the catholic university (UNICAH), and the newest at the (UNITEC). They are both very expensive and have real structural problems.

The program is and 8 year program of general medicine and surgery.It is a four step program. The first step ( two years) is one that has been highly debated it is a fundamental step. It consist of 18 classes. The university says this step is necesary because of the problems with our high school system. They argue that a lot of students come out of high school not having the basic knowledge and skills necesary to strive in the medical program. Step two start at the faculty of medicine with what are called the morphological classes. Step three start at the end of fourth year it is what are called the angelical years because you get to dress in white and start caring for patients. Step four are the last two years which includes one intern year and one year of social service. At beggining of step four you start to get paid, lest than the janitor at this point, but money is money. The university also offers several Post-graduate degrees in various branches of medicine.

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