A view from the capital.





Well this is one for the history books. a historic amount of Hondurans. more than 3 million, went out and made their voices heard in the 2013 general national elections, and for the first time in at least 32 years of our democracy the national party( conservatives) will retain the presidency for two consecutive terms. How in the world did this happen in a center left country such as ours? As you all know I am a political junkie so let me school ya´ll a little bit.

The short answer 2009. See in 2009 the conservative wing of the liberal party did a very stupid thing. In an effort to save the party from the ¨far left¨ which they believed was sinking the party and the country. The president of congress Roberto Michelleti ( leader of the conservative wing) assisted by the military carried out a coup (yes that´s what it was) that rocked the country and reshaped the political landscape forever. The real conservatives (national or blue party) were smart enought to stay miles away from this ill advised move.

President Zelaya was a direct product of the Huelga bananera of 59 and surprisingly became the leader of the the left wing of the party, for the first part of his presidency he basicly stuck to center left policies and tried not to rock the boat tomuch, it was near the end of his term that he took a hard turn to the left, making a lot of moves that scared the heck out of the ruling class in this country. Micheleti who loose the primary of 08 to Elvin Santos also a product of the far left in the party became alarmed and did what would ruin the party´s chances of winning the 09 elections and the 2013 elections and many elections hereafter , in my opinions.

See he decided the onliest way to save the country from the socialist policies and soon to come dictatorship of zelaya was to remove zelaya from power. He believed that in order to save the constitution he had to unconstitutionaly remove the duly elected president from power and get the military to appoint him president ( way to go democracy).He was supported by the military and the conservative wing of the party. The chaos that ensued stirred up and angered the left wing of the party the felt like they had been betrayed and that Zelaya was only been removed from power because he threatened the powers that be. Zelaya then left the liberal party and he and his wife became leaders of the resistance officially named Libre, this party is mostly formed by people that left the liberal party after the coup. Becuase the constitution barred Zelaya from running for president again his wife ,Xiomara Castro, was unanimously nominated to run under the newly formed party banner.
The liberals in order to save their party and stop the bleading from the left rank nominated Mauricio Villeda, Villeda was also a leader in the left wing of the party and was the son of ex- president ¨pajarito¨ as he was nicknamed by the left who saw him as a hero back in the day. This was not enought Libre already had the ear of the people and the bitterness and resentment of 09 proved to be tomuch for him to overcome.

This lead to what has been a historic election, that featured two new political parties, one lead by a woman, and the other by a tv entertainer. The conservatives despite having ruled to country for the last 4 years, despite bearing the blame for high unenployement, high crime rates, deep corruption, won the election by at least 6 points. Keeping the reins of government for two consecutive terms. It is worth mentioning here that if you add votes won by the Liberal party and Libre, they would have won the election by a landslide.It is clear to see that liberals have paid a high price for 09. AS THEY SHOULD!!!

So is it over?
Not by a long shot both Xiomara and Nasralla have made allegation of fraud. Xiomara has declared herself the duly elected president and has called for her people to head to the streets to demand…… I´m not even sure what it is that she is demanding. But here in the capital where people love to protest that was not a call they would ignore. She has a pretty large following at the university which caused the university to close down for a week after the took over the university and faced off with the police.

The real news tho and the place to watch in the coming weeks is congress. See, Libre took 39 seats, The liberal party took 26 , PAC took 16 and the national party took 49. The national party which has been running the congress for the last 4 years have said that they believe they should have control after winning the majority of seats. The liberals are seeking to make an alliance with Libre to take control away from the conservatives. Libre has said they will absolutely have no alliance with the liberals. And the conservatives are seeking to make an alliance with Pac to maintain control of the legislature. As you can see this is shaping up to be quite a mess and will be a headache for the new president.

Xiomara is making a lot of noise and will probably keep doing so for a while, but my eyes will be on what happens in congress. There has never been this much diversity in there before, have you seen that congresswoman from the 5th sector in S.P.S its hard to believe she was even old enought to run.
We over in Roatan elected a liberal congressman and liberal mayor, so I am hoping that the liberal power will be able to form some alliance to control the chamber, seeing as that will give our congressman more power and influence in the legislature.

Anyway, we are told in the bible to pray for our leaders that we might lead peaceable lives. I for one will be praying and I hope you do too.

Good luck to Jery Hynds as he joins that clown show in congress, and Dorn Ebanks as he takes over the municipality of Coxen Hole.